Launch Pad to penetrate the UAE market.

PDC offers a unique service to local & international brands to penetrate the UAE market.

Service Benefits

  • PDC offers product Registration services.
  • PDC offers different models of working together, especially to international clients.
  • As long as the products belong to the Healthcare category PDC can distribute your products throughout UAE.
  • PDC is considered as a Launchpad for a reason.
  • PDC offers Free Storage in some of their models.
  • PDC offers Market insights to plan accordingly.
  • PDC provides access to their network of customers for Easy Penetration into the market.
  • Working with PDC has always ensured profitability to its clients.
  • PDC offers Hassle free fulfillment.
  • Access to PDC network of customers.
  • PDC offers support in running promotions & marketing activities.

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