PDC stands for Pharmaceutical Distribution Company

The distribution wing is well known by the acronym PDC which stands for Pharmaceutical Distribution Company

Service Benefits

  • PDC offers complete temperature controlled fleet of vehicles.
  • PDC distributes products to pharmacies, Health food stores, hospital & clinics.
  • PDC supplies products to more than 1200 accounts in UAE.
  • PDC has a marketing team of 12 medical representatives who promote & educate the medical fraternity on a daily basis .
  • PDC has a sales force of more than 30 individuals promoting & educating the staff with their knowledge.
  • PDC takes active part in exhibitions, Seminars etc to keep up with the market kinetics.
  • PDC offers great value to its principles with ease of penetration into the market.
  • PDC takes active part in promotions & marketing activities throughout the region.
  • PDC is the only company which has an app for the pharmacies to place the orders at ease.
  • PDC supplies products to its customers throughout UAE on a daily basis.
  • PDC delights its customers with swift & accurate orders every day..

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